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Retail establishments in Charlotte, NC require security in order to thrive, and there are unique risks that come along with operating without them - not to mention unique challenges that come along with designing and setting up the right kind of system. A solid video surveillance system will help provide you with a wide range of benefits including increased security, better risk management, and solid loss prevention. Whether you oversee a single store or a nationwide retail empire with locations in Charlotte, NC, we can help give you the tools needed to help improve your company's bottom line.

We believe in providing the right solutions to any client. Whether you need a system designed from the ground up or need to integrate with and upgrade your existing retail security system, TCSS has solutions that can help you get the right results.

Retail Statistics

Increasing profit and reducing loss are the two keys to success as a retail business. And when it comes to loss, few things are as problematic as theft. Recent studies found that the average retail business that has $1 million in revenue annually is also losing about $50,000 due to theft alone.

Charlotte,  NC Retail loss chart

That might not surprise you, but what will is where that theft comes from. Here's a breakdown of where theft - and unintentional losses - come from:

  • Employee theft (47%)
  • Shoplifting (32%)
  • Administrative error (14%)
  • Vendor fraud (4%)

Source: National Retail Federation

As you can see, theft is the top of the list in more ways than one, and preventing it should be high on your priorities list.

Benefits Of Our Retail Security Solutions

Thanks to the installation and operation of our custom designed retail security solutions, companies can enjoy a wide range of benefits that include the following:

  • Loss Prevention
    Not only will solid security systems help you catch offenders in the act, but it can also actively help deter employee theft as well as shoplifting. This reduces lost inventory and helps increase your bottom line.
  • Better Customer Experiences
    With surveillance systems you can identify issues within the company including blocked aisles, long lines, stock out issues, and even monitor the interactions between employees and customers, thus improving the experience and satisfaction of your customers.
  • Optimize Your Store
    You can increase productivity, analyze customer behavior, and optimize your store layout through careful review of surveillance. Additionally, you can identify areas that can benefit from better staffing.
  • Better Conversion Rates
    By monitoring video footage you can analyze the overall effectiveness of in store advertising efforts and layout. This allows you to improve your conversion rates.
  • Reduce Risk
    Not only will retail security solutions help you protect your company against robbery and other safety issues, but you can reduce your chances of falling victim to a fraudulent slip and fall accident claim as well as other similar lawsuits.
  • Improved Profit
    By identifying theft, detecting fraud, and getting the benefits listed above, you'll be able to directly impact your company's bottom line and increase overall profits in significant ways.

Case Study: Discover how a video management solution provided The Limited with a more accurate way to count customer traffic in its stores so that management could improve customer service, staffing, merchandising effectiveness, and ultimately profitability. Read the case study » (PDF 607KB).

Added Functionality

Since we utilize the latest cutting edge technologies, we're able to provide our clients with the benefits listed above as well as numerous other features older or inferior security systems lack. Consider some of the following additional features and functions our systems provide:

  • Ability to remotely manage and use from anywhere
  • Reduced time spent investigating issues
  • Better operational consistency
  • Easier to use
  • Higher video quality for better accuracy

Contact a trained sales consultant to see how we can make a difference for your organization.

TCSS Retail Solutions are ideal for:

  • Convenience stores
  • Gas stations
  • Apparel retailers
  • Specialty stores
  • Grocery stores
  • High-risk stores
  • Full service and quick-serve restaurants

Things To Consider

When installing a video security system for a store, there are several things you'll need to keep in mind in order to get the most from it. These include the following:

  • Place cameras at each entrance and exit to identify each person who enters
  • Place cameras in stock rooms to reduce employee theft
  • Place additional cameras in places where high-risk items like jewelry or electronics are located
  • Place outdoor cameras to reduce store liability and protect customer vehicles
  • Utilize a networkable video recorder to ensure your video is stored properly and easy to review and manage
  • Ensure that you maintain privacy for employees and customers by avoiding placing cameras in break rooms and bathrooms
  • Maintain maximum safety for your equipment by placing it in a locked location. This protects your equipment from vandalism
  • Consider using alternate power supplies in order to protect against loss of power due to storms or other issues.

Privacy Protection – Always install your security cameras in public areas, such as the sales floor, the customer service desk, or warehouse/inventory rooms.  Avoiding areas such as bathrooms and employee break rooms will maintain the privacy for your employees and customers.

Disruptions – Power surges or outages can lead to damage or disruptions in your video surveillance footage.  While these risks are not common, you should consider having an alternate power supply and/or security system in place should this occur in your store.

Theft and Vandalism – Cameras and recorders are often a target for thieves looking to disguise or protect their identities.  Always keep your recording solution in a safe & locked location, and supplement your security system with covert cameras to capture video evidence should your traditional cameras be disabled.

We can help design the right kind of security solution for any retail establishment, and ensure that you're protected from all the risks businesses can face.

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