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Charlotte NC Transportation Solutions

Today, the transportation industry faces numerous challenges throughout each day. Companies have relied on video surveillance systems to help provide them with reduced theft and increased protection of property, employees, and passengers. From taxi fleets to busses to other transportation forms, it's important to adopt the latest surveillance technologies.

Today's video systems go far beyond basic loss prevention and can offer numerous benefits to transportation companies including increased profits. Our team provides the right system for any business in Charlotte, NC by identifying challenges and goals and then working towards creating a surveillance system that meets those challenges head on.

Benefits Of Our Security Solutions

From public transportation to the trucking industry, our solutions are designed to help provide increased performance and reduced risk. Some of the numerous uses and benefits of our surveillance systems include the following:

  • Better Safety
    Surveillance systems can identify potential risks or threats and act as a deterrent against them, improving the safety of your drivers and other personnel.
  • Reduced Theft
    Internal theft is a major concern for any business, including those in the transportation industry. Good surveillance systems can deter internal and external theft and can help identify culprits in the event that theft does occur.
  • Reduced Vandalism
    Installation of surveillance systems can help deter vandalism and help make it easier to identify guilty parties.
  • Reduced Liability Risk
    Fraudulent injury claims and lawsuits can cost transportation companies big, and the presence of good surveillance systems can deter those fraudulent claims as well as make it easier to protect against them.
  • Improve Performance
    Using video surveillance you can identify problem areas that are holding back your company. You can spot potential issues that are reducing the effectiveness of your efforts and develop strategies that allow you to evolve and move beyond them.

Additionally, TCSS Transportation Solutions enable you to:

  • Manage from ANYWHERE
    Remotely monitor your vehicles or buildings via the Internet, manage multiple locations from a centralized location
  • Improve Management Efficiencies
    Reduce time spent investigating suspect incidents, produce detailed exception reporting, linked to video evidence
  • Improve Operational Consistency
    Monitor and maintain system-wide operational standards

Our Transportation Security Solutions are perfect for:

  • Mass Transit
  • Airports
  • Railway Systems
  • Bus Systems
  • Freight carriers
  • Air & Sea Cargo operations

The right surveillance system can have a tremendous impact on any Charlotte, NC transportation organization. Our team can identify your needs and help develop a system that is right for you.

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